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Image by Agustin Diaz Gargiulo

Chapada Diamantina: Lençóis & Brazil's Capital of Caves


Start and end in Salvador! With the Active Adventure tour Chapada Diamantina: Lençóis & Brazil's Capital of Caves, you have a 5 days tour package taking you through Salvador, Brazil and Lencois,. Chapada Diamantina: Lençóis & Brazil's Capital of Caves includes accommodation, an expert guide, meals and more.


If the interior of Brazil's North-East is dry and dusty, the Parque Nacional da Chapada Diamantina sparkles in that dust like the diamonds that have been prised from the earth, and have given the area its name.  Chapada is the name given to the flat-topped mountains in this area of the state of Bahia.  The chapadas and the valleys in between them are covered in lush green forests, with waterfalls dropping from the top and tea-colored rivers of the coldest, purest water rushing their way to the bottom of the valleys.  Brazil's highest waterfall is here.  It is so high, at 400m, that the water doesn't reach the ground!  It turns into a spray of mist before, hence the name Cachoeira de Fumaça or Waterfall of Smoke.  There is also Marimbus, a swamp area rich in wildlife, earning it the nickname 'Mini-Pantanal'.


Nature doesn't get much better than Chapada da Diamantina, and you may even get some beautiful hidden sights to yourself.  It still isn't flooded with tourists like the area was flooded with diamond prospectors in the 19th Century, so the only distractions from the mountain scenery are natural:  orchids and bromeliads; butterflies the size of your hand; monkeys; alligators; deer; and possibly even jaguars can be seen amongst the trees.


If you stay in the quaint old mining town of Lençóis, you have all this on your doorstep and, who knows, you may be able to dig up a diamond there too!


Day 1: Travel from Salvador de Bahia to Lencois

Today a private transfer will take you to the bus station for your public bus to Lençois. Depending on the time of your arrival in Lencois and having settled into your accommodation, the rest of the day is free to explore at leisure.  The town of Lencois is a joy to stroll through with its cobblestone streets, colorful colonial buildings, local cafes, and lively restaurants. Although Lencois is beautiful, the main draw and attraction of this region are the nearby Chapada Diamantina National Park where flat-topped mountains rise up suddenly from the flat valleys below. Caves, waterfalls, idyllic rivers, and panoramic plateaus set the stage for some fantastic adventures in the following few days. If you have time today, you can start on your adventure by going on a short walk from the town center to the Serrano Falls where you can choose to have a quick swim before heading back to spend the evening relaxing.

Meals - None.


Day 2: The Caves of Dimantina

After breakfast at your hotel, we'll begin with a visit to Iraquara which is known as the Capital of Caves and is home to some of the most impressive caves and underground rivers in the National Park. Your professional guide will take you through the enormous limestone Lapa Doce Cave, with its huge rock formations, stalactites, and columns.

You'll stop for a picnic lunch before going for a swim in the crystal clear waters of the Pratinha River. Refueled and refreshed you’ll visit the impressive Blue Cave before hiking to the top of the tabletop mountain of Morro do Pai Inacio just in time to watch the sunset. From this vantage point high up above the National Park, you’ll have unrestricted views of one of South America’s most unique landscapes. The amazing buttes and mesas called, tepuy, jut out of the valley landscape below for as far as the eye can see adding to this unforgettable view.

Meals - Breakfast, Picnic Lunch.


Day 3: Fumaca Waterfall and Riachinho

On your second day in the Chapada Diamantina National Park, you'll set off on a 3.7 mile guided hike through the Capao Valley. Surround by stunning views and landscapes which look like they’ve been taken from a Dr. Seuss book, you’ll arrive at the centerpiece of the Cachoeira da Fumaca or aptly named Smoke Waterfall. The Cachoeira da Fumaca which is the equivalent to a 112-story building is without a doubt one of the most impressive waterfalls outside of Iguazu Falls! As the waterfall is so high up, the small water flow is sprayed by the wind before it can touch the ground, creating a fine mist and revealing colorful rainbows. Following a picnic lunch, you’ll start making your way back to Lencois, stopping along the way for a swim in the secluded waters below the Riachinho Waterfall. The evening is free for you to relax at your hotel or explore the charming town of Lencois further.

Meals - Breakfast, Picnic Lunch.


Day 4: Sossego Falls

This is one of the most traditional hikes from Lencois. The tour starts at 8:30 when you will be taken along a 7 km mining trail following the Ribeirao river. You will have time to swim at the Sossego waterfall and a lunch break. On the way back to Lencois, you'll visit the Ribeirao do Meio, a big pool with a fantastic natural rock slide. Return to Lencois around 5 pm.

Meals - Breakfast, Snack.


Day 5: Leaving Lencois back to Salvador de Bahia

It’s time to hit the road again as you make your way to your next destination where if you are planning to, you can enjoy exploring the beauty and vibrant, Carnival atmosphere of Brazil further.

You´ll take the public bus back to Salvador where your transfer will take you to the hotel of your choosing.

Meals - Breakfast.

What's Included

  • Accommodation

  • Guide

  • Meals

  • Additional Services

  • Flights

  • Insurance

  • Additional Services

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