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JAMAICA – Montego Bay Ocho Rios Negril Highlights


Start and end in Montego Bay! With the Explorer tour JAMAICA – Montego Bay Ocho Rios Negril Highlights, you have a 5 days tour package taking you through Montego Bay, Jamaica and 2 other destinations in Jamaica. JAMAICA – Montego Bay Ocho Rios Negril Highlights includes accommodation in a hotel as well as an expert guide, meals, transport and more.


Are you confused between beaches and forests to choose for your trip? This 5-day tour to Jamaica lets you experience both. Bask in the morning sun and get yourself tanned without compromising on your love for lush forest trails. Get to understand more about wildlife as well as local culture and history. You can also take a dip in the famous Dunn’s waterfall. Visit the dolphin aquarium; they will even allow you to pet dolphins.



Places covered:

• Montego Bay

•Martha Brae

•Dunn’s Falls 

•Dolphin Cove

•Bioluminescence lagoon



Travel Experience:

• Uncover forest trails at Ocho Rios

• Admire and swim in the Bio lagoon

• Discover Jamaican culture and history

• Swim and hike at Dunn’s waterfalls

• Enjoy blue mountain coffee

• Ride to Nargil

• Try your luck at cliff jumping

• Witness an amazing sunset 

• Explore various beaches of Jamaica

• Have fun spotting rare species of birds and animals



Montego Bay, fondly called as the MoBay, with its tropical shores and turquoise waters is one of the popular tourist choices in Jamaica. It boasts not only of its pristine beaches but also about a huge array of duty-free shopping. After you are done with your ice-breaking session, head out to enjoy the evening at doctor caves beach club. Walk along the white shores and soak in the serenity as much as you like. Evening drive to Bioluminescence lagoon to experience the shimmering line of blue algae is bound to leave you awestruck.


Activities Included:

Bioluminescence lagoon


Hotel in Montego Bay



Day two will start with a healthy breakfast after which you will set out to explore a few hidden gems of Ocho Rios. This former fishing village situated along the northern coast of Jamaica is well-known for the beach life it offers. Open up the adventure spirit in you and come explore the jungle. Get an insight into the heart of Jamaica by going on a bamboo river rafting quest through the river Martha Brae. Go off-beat to uncover the secret treasure of Ocho Rios, the Blue Hole. Unwind yourself in the charm of the waterfalls here.


Activities Included:

Bamboo river rafting

Blue hole hiking and swimming

Meals Included:



Hotel in Montego Bay / Ocho Rios



Do you find dolphins to be cute? Would you love to play with them without taking the pain of diving into the ocean? Once you are enlightened about the dolphins, we’ll let you experience one of Jamaica’s national treasures. You do not need to know the swimming as the dolphin comes to you so that you can pat and interact with these cute little creatures by getting just your legs wet till the knees. If you are into water sports, take your experience a notch up by snorkelling with stingrays. Do not worry, they are harmless. If walking through the woods interest you, then take you on a jungle trail exploration. Treat yourself to some fresh air and try your hand at spotting some exotic species. Savour the world-famous Blue Mountain coffee before heading towards the waterfalls at Dunn’s. End the day by delving into a little history and culture of this region. 


Activities Included:

Dunn’s river falls

Dolphin aquarium

Meals Included:



Hotel in Montego Bay / Ocho Rios



In and around Negril

Your day will begin by checking out from Ocho Rios followed by the ride to Negril. Walk along the sandy shores of the beaches at Negril. Apart from the palm trees, cafes, bars, and restaurants also stand along the coastline. Spice up your vacation in Jamaica by trying out cliff jumping at Rick’s café. This is where you can witness an amazing sunset. You can opt for snorkelling or scuba diving as well.


Activities Included:

Cliff jumping at Rick’s Cafe (optional)

Beach time

Meals Included:



Hotel in Negril



It’s time to say goodbye to your fellow travelers and the guide as the tour ends today with a breakfast at the hotel. Check out is usually by 11am so book your return flight accordingly. Hoping that you have captured the best moments on camera and packed in a host of travel memories to carry back home with you.


Activities Included:

Airport transfer

Meals Included:


What's Included


  • Guide

  • Meals

  • Additional Services

  • Transport

  • Flights

  • Insurance

  • Optional

  • Additional Services

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