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Day 1: St. Thomas

Now, the first port, St. Thomas... We shopped, we toured, we had fun!!! St. Thomas was breathtaking. Truly enjoying this cruise and meeting new people. Thank you Maria.

Day 2: St. Croix

We're in St. Croix. Today, we got to tour the area and see the rainforest, dance with the island dancers and stilt walkers, see a slave jail, see tarpon fish up close. and give beer to pigs (we fed them the whole unopened cans... they drank and spit the cans out).

Day 3: St. Martin/Sint Maarten

We visited St. Martin/Sint Maarten today... both the Dutch and the French sides. First, we took the water taxi to downtown and caught up with a cab that took us to visit Maho Beach. On the way, we got to daydream about the fancy yachts in port and pick the one we want. Before we left, we met up with a band and got to play some of the instruments they had (video with me was somehow ended before I started playing the cowbell).The beach trip was one of my bucket list items since I was determined to see the planes that flew only feet above us as they descended into the airport which only separated us by 2 fences. Then, we had a mini tour which ended with us being in the downtown area again where we did a little shopping. We then ate oxtail with rice, salad and plantains at one of the local establishments. The owner even cut up a mango for me to finish it off. After the get ride back, we got chair massages and I also had a pedicure to help soothe my aching feet. And guess what? I got a suntan!!!

Day 4: St. Lucia

We visited the island of St. Lucia. One of the first things I noticed from the ship is that they still have Payless Shoe Source here. We decided on a tour of the country and had a choice between the long one or the short tour. We took the short one. We went up some high mountains which had steep declines making us feel as though we were on a rollercoaster. The roads are very worn so we encountered many potholes. Today we got to see Marigot Bay where Dr. Doolittle was filmed and also to the area where Pirates of the Caribbean was shot. We visited an old jail where they would take people to lock up and starve then to death because of their crimes (long ago). The governor (who's a female) had a lovely house that we got to stop at and peek in the locked fence. In a quick stop to the tree of life, some hugged the tree as they said a brief prayer. We found out St. Lucia is home to many schools and buried on the grounds of one is William Arthur Lewis. The only Nobel Peace Prize winner from the country in economics. We also stopped by a place where they carve wood. And... Have you ever heard of banana ketchup? I have now and it's one of the best things you can taste. We found out as we visited the banana farm. Since we chose not to take the long tour, we didn't get to go to the volcano, the black sand beach or the mud bath. So I guess we'll have to visit St. Lucia again another time!