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10 Things You Would Not Want To Leave Your House Without

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

10 Things You Would Not Want To Leave Your House Without

Leaving the house without one or two of the things we need happen to a lot of us a more times than we could possibly imagine. Happens to me a lot. What’s worse is that we don’t even realize it until we need those things later, and it’s too late for us to turn around and get them. So here is a list of things we can never leave your house without … again. I hope this list helps you remember.

1. Mobile Phones / Smartphones

This almost always seems like something we would never leave home without. But it’s actually amazing how many of us had to go back around to get our phones because we either left it at the kitchen counter, on the bed, or in the bathroom.

This little wonder has become a need that we have been so dependent on it. Even with it being so small we can get directions to places, we can communicate with people, or know what is happening around us using our smartphones internet access. Being able to do so many things with our phones it has become one of the most important things to have with us all the time… and part of our lives too!

2. Driver’s License / Identification Cards

It has always been a rule - don’t drive without your license.

Tip: Leave your driver’s license and work ID in your car or put them in your wallet and make sure that you carry your wallet with you all the time. Although the wallets also get forgotten a lot of times. I know that because it has happened to me quite a number of times too.

3. Wallets

Wallets would have to probably be one of the most important things to not leave behind when you leave your house. In today’s age where cards have taken the place of wallets it is still important to keep one. This does not make traditional thought. Our wallets carry with it a lot of the important things we need to have when we leave our house - bank cards, driver’s license, most used ID cards like our government issued cards or work IDs… And besides, people still carry actual money.

4. House Keys and/or Car Keys

Of course nobody wants to be locked out of his own house - or car. Always bring your keys with you. It is very important.

I can still remember waiting in the car parked outside of my house for about an hour before I decided to break in to my own house because I left my house keys at the key rack.

Tip: Have a spare house key tucked somewhere in your car.

5. Hand Sanitizers

This little bottle hasn’t been much of a need until the pandemic hit us. This never used to be much of a deal since people didn’t actually use hand sanitizers every time they touched something. Soap and water became a thing of the past. So now that these sanitizers have become part of our daily lives it is important that we bring one with us all the time. It’s the next best thing to hand washing.

6. Water Bottles / Tumblers

I never leave the house without my tumbler or a water bottle in my hands. I always make sure that I have tumbler in my car before I leave the house. I also always make sure that it is filled. I mean carrying an empty tumbler or water bottle around for the purpose of keeping yourself hydrated is not a very smart way to go…

Also keep it clean and never share. That’s unsanitary!

7. A Pair of Shades

I drive everyday and I bring a pair of sunglasses in the car all the time. It’s always important to protect your eyes from the UV rays and the glare. Even if I did not actually need them I still see to it that I have one in my car. It has actually already become a habit.

Tip: Bring them because you will never know when you would need them.

8. An Extra Shirt or Jacket

We would never know when accidents happen and someone spills coffee, soda, or water on us. Weather changes so rapidly that we would not know when it’s going to rain. Nevertheless, bring an extra shirt or jacket with you… Stupid as it may sound but I used to have a 3 - day luggage in my trunk filled with clothes and stuff… and funny because unplanned weekend vacations happen too!

9. Snacks / Candies

I am not really fond of eating in the car but when I have to take a long drive I would bring snacks with me. I had this experience driving out of town and didn’t bring food with me I drove around hungry for about half an hour looking for a place to eat. I don’t want to let that happen again so I always made sure I had snacks in the car before I left.

10. A Pack of Cigarettes

Not many people would probably do this but for people who smoke it is a need. When I feel sleepy while I’m driving I pull over on the side of the road to smoke. I also bring an extra tumbler filled with coffee or order coffee to go because I like to pair them up.

I probably have not listed down everything but I’m sure that each one of us would probably have other things you never leave the house without.

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