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CLEAR Travelers Will Be Required IDs Starting in 2025

CLEAR Travelers Will Be Required IDs Starting in 2025

TSA PreCheck and CLEAR are programs that provide faster airport security to travelers who are considered low flight risk. These programs help passengers save time and reduce stress from long lines of airport security checks. In addition, these programs allow for safe and convenient passage. However , this is no longer going to be the same in 2025 for CLEAR travelers. TSA has recently announced that CLEAR travelers will be required to produce IDs or passports at airport check ins. This is one benefit that CLEAR program travelers will lose in 2025.

Travelers can take advantage of the following; (1) the CLEAR program takes you right to the very front of the checkin line, and (2) its biometric checkin process means you no longer have to pull your ID out. Beginning May, 2025, however, that second advantage will not be available anymore.

TSA has announced in July that it already started screening a limited number of randomly selected CLEAR travelers after alleged security incidents. There have been three cases reported where travelers were able to get through the CLEAR line without having valid ID prompting a congressional investigation.

With an annual fee of $189.00, (and an addition of $60.00 for up to three family members) CLEAR has its own service lanes at TSA checkpoints in more than 50 airports in the US and internationally. Instead of standing in extremely long check in lines travelers can just walk up to the CLEAR kiosk, have their eyes or fingerprints scanned, and are then guided to the very front of the check in lines. This already includes the Pre-Check line if they are eligible.

Enrolling to the CLEAR program may cost too much. What is good about this is that many credit card companies cover the fee which makes it easier for eligible travelers to take advantage of the program. Promotions are often made available for its clients making the cost of the service bearable. Frequent travelers from various airports find the program to be absolutely convenient and definitely a great timesaver.

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